Can anyone come up with Hindi/Urdu lyrics for this english song? Any little bit will be greatly appreciated... They need not be a translation at all. Just something to sing along, but in hindi. Thanks!

Song can be heard here.

Lyrics in english are as follows:

Mercury Rising

Another day, Another night, Another story
Feel the highs, Feels the lows, Feel the glory
Climbs out of bed, grabs her bag shes in a hurry
Another hope another dream another worry

Off the bus off to work and off to sleep
Days carry on keeps marching on slipping in too deep
To a world far from what she dreamed of as a girl
She needs a friend She needs a promise she can keep

She’d never felt anything
Until that day
When she felt everything everything

Turn numb from head to toe
Let’s feel the vertigo
Just Hang on tight and feel the
Mercury Rising

Let go of all you know
Lay back enjoy the show
That look in your eyes says the
Mercury’s Rising

Every wish every dream every hope is coming true
She looks up to the sky and she says she always knew
They Called her crazy said babe youre so naïve
Oh but they’ll never know what it feels like if you believe

Every breath Every rush Every moment was
Even more amazing than she’d dreamed of
Another night Another dream another story
She Climbs in bed and rests her head without a worry




A. Anand