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    Nov 2005

    Smile Another shot at lyrics

    Hey guys here is another lyrics by me! this is only the first four lines...hope u like them:D

    Din Bhalley jab aye gey
    Phool yaha khil jaye gey
    Hogi phir rangeen fiza ye
    Phanchi sur bikhrai gey

    Hope u ppl like them..plz reply:D

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    Jun 2005
    thoda aur likhoo dost
    abee ye kuch bhi nahi hai....sir pair kuch to pata chalee

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    at my home
    incomplete - consider that a chorus and work on verses.
    Watch me play years ago

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    Kuch aur likho bandhu.
    The last puff of the day-wind brought from the unseen villages the scent of damp wood-smoke, hot cakes, dripping undergrowth, and rotting pine- cones. That is the true smell of the Himalayas, and if once it creeps into the blood of a man, that man will at the last, forgetting all else, return to the hills to die.



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