The peak has passed
the vagor, the youth
the freshness
is slowly gonna drown
the future is something
that i dont want to detail
those worthless, old fellas u see
that's it nothing more

u ran your fastest today
the longest yard
ur eyes are diseased
and thats just a start
the termites of time
they will make every part weaker

u must be knowing it better than me !!!
So what do u say manu
is it time to write those glorious words
with the spay paint on the backyard wall
those three beautiful words
"this was me"
is it ?
dont look at others kid
they dont even know who they are
their taste and grammar is both borrowed
u look at them and they will look at others,
they look for rules
before using a , or a .
take ur time
but do tell me
is it?