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    vstanv is offline Beginner
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    Jun 2007

    1) A day, everyday 2) Questioning

    two more crappy poems:

    A day, everyday

    Open up the inbox
    read all mails
    Stare at the comp
    use no brains

    grab the remote
    switch thru channels
    see the same ads
    over and over

    look thru the window
    think of going out
    no ways! get back
    its burning so hot

    open up the messenger
    buzzle some friend ( buzzle: to buzz and trouble)
    and to annoy
    come up with
    some new nonsense

    phew! theres so much todo!
    <all these to go on a loop>


    how fast would it fly
    if a snail could fly

    Behind what would it hide
    if an elephant had to hide

    how would the walk be
    if crows were on a ramp

    how would it sound
    if owls in a band sang

    would fish get smart
    and swim in straight line paths

    would lions get polite
    and invite others for talk

    anywhere a door
    a giraffe could enter

    what would it climb
    a monkey in a desert

    Now, where is the teacher who said i should question things :D


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    distorted's Avatar
    distorted is offline satan
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    Dec 2008
    Into these dreams of darkness that unite our souls
    Into these dreams of sadness forever we'll go
    Forsaking the illusion that turns the flesh from stone
    Forsaking the illusion that binds us to the bone
    i trade weed.... any buyers??



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