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    arit.rox is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2010

    Cool Request- For your eyes only... Abohoman

    Plz anyone provide me the chords for the beautiful song For your eyes only (Krishnokolir chokh) from the bengali movie Abohoman...

    I tried it on C scale and played a bit... it was OK till then, but after that I lost myself in midway... Full chords with lyrics associated will be highly appreciated...

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    RaatJagaTara is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2011
    same here..tried it on C..
    Here's what i've got..

    (C)Krishnokolir chokh horiner moto,
    Tana tana kalo duto tara..
    (F)Kobi ki janen se lukie (G)kokhon,
    Lagiechilo mas(C)cara..
    (F) janleo se katha (G) bolenni kobi,
    (F)Chepe giechen (G)nischoy,
    (F)Tini gurudeb lok (G)pakka janen,
    (F)nayikake chhar dite (G)hoy..
    (C)Aj tar nam jane bangali sabai,
    Robi thakurer joy hok..
    (F)Moyna parar mathe (G)aj o gie khoje,
    Kalo duti horinir (C)chokh....

    after this i cant figure out.. will be really gratefull if someone posts the rest.

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    ritorex is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2011
    its almost nice...



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