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Thread: Recording

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    Oct 2006


    Me and my friends recorded sum songs ........pls reply...
    i was the guitar player....akash was the singer and sathyajeet was the tapper

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    May 2006
    hi there

    i heard ur songs..... you have ace talent and interesting sound

    take care


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    Apr 2005
    hobs crk
    I heard three of your songs

    Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai- It wasn't good. You really need to listen to the guitar part properly and you need to get the chords right. The vocals were decent and it's not that the guitar player is's just that he hasn't got the song down correctly.

    When you're strumming, try to divide your rythm section into bass and treble and hit the higher strings more on when you'd hear the snare on the drums and less otherwise. Of course, in the above song, you're supposed to be playing power chords for the beginning.

    Eta ki 2441139- This was fine. Amar mone holo gola ta ektu match korchilo na but still it was okay.

    Coffee House- This sounded nice. Chords seemed to be incorrectly changed at places but still you sound nice here.

    Of course there's room for improvement. There always is. You should work on getting the chords down a lot better....perhaps check for tabs on this site if you have problems getting them down by ear. Good luck.
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    Oct 2006
    thnx for the reply..we'll surely try to improve

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    Oct 2006
    36 views only 2 replies...bohut nainsaafi hai



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