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    Radioholic is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2009

    Smile Pran Chay chokkhu na chay

    Can anyone give me the chords for this song plz ?

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    rockbaaj is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2010

    Thumbs up rabindrasangeet:pran chai chokkhu na chai,,,,,,

    this song is so nice:
    (D)pran chai,chokkhu na(A)chaayyaaiiiii
    (G)mori eki tor(A)dustoro(D)lajjaayyy,,,
    (D)pran chai,chokkhu na(A)Chaayyaaiiiii
    (G)mori eki tor(A)dustoro(D)lajjaayyii,,,
    (D)pran chai,chokkhu na(A)chaayyaaiiiyyiiiii
    (Bm)sundor o ese fire(A)jayaiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    (G)tobe kar lage(A)mitthay a(D)sajjaayy
    (D)pran chai,chokkhu na(A)chaayyaaiiii
    (Bm)mukhe nahi nissore (A)vas
    (Bm)rohe ontore nirbako(A)bonhi
    (D)osthike nisthuro(A)haas
    (G)tobe morme je (A)krondono (D)tonni
    (Bm)mukhe nahi nissore(A)
    (Bm)rohe ontore nirbako(A)
    (D)osthike nisthuro(A)haas
    (G)tobe morme je(A)krondono(D)tonni
    (D)malloy je dong(A)si je hai
    (G)tobe sojja e(A)kontoko(D)sajjay
    (D)pran chai, chokkhu na(A)chaayyaaiiiyyiiii

    kemon laglo janio,,,,ar eta amar first post,,,,kothao chord change korle janio...
    strumming pattern:DDD UUDUDUD,,,,pattern ta speed e bajio ar (G) theke (A)
    te change er somoy pattern ta hobe:
    (G) (A)
    pattern ta thik nao hote pare,,,tobe nijer moto akta manansoi patter o bajate paro
    noile chord gulo dhore1 ta kore string o bajate paro,,,,
    ok,,,,bye....ta ta,,,,,comment must

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    rockbaaj is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2010
    kemon laglo bondhu janio,,,,,,,mail me at
    and aro valo valo ganer chord chaile khub khusi hobo,,,,,,,,,bye

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    joydeep1978 is offline Beginner
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    Sep 2010
    Santa Clara, CA
    Aaj try korbo, korey comment debo



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