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    Kichhui confusion hoyni boss. Clear-cut chords.
    A paradox is simply the truth of the minority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deb7sk
    hothat kore eirokom akta vastly used progression or scale niye lokeder confusion kano holo ba hochhe bujhte parlam na!
    No confusion man! Only lack of knowledge.
    Kill music piracy. Steal original CDs.

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    Dhaka in Bangladesh
    ami C major diyei korechi and accurate sound peyechi.
    kintu bossera,A n C er maje to onek babodhan.
    puro .5+.5+.5=1.5 tone difference between A to C.

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    Are you sure your guitar is tuned to the natural E?
    The song (in the natural E tuning) as recorded is in A major scale.

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    absolutely beautiful

    I am new guitarist and got no trouble playing this song with simple strumming pattern...great work....

    please post more, if possible with easy PLUCING.

    thanks boss

    Quote Originally Posted by deb7sk
    Once again, this song is also based on the chord structure indicated by Arindam. I have made some minor modifications. Arindam, it would be great if you can look over this and see if you agree with me on those modifications.

    Song: Mary Ann
    Singer and Composer: Anjan Dutta

    Intro Chords: A C#m Bm A
    A C#m Bm A
    kalo shaheb-er mey iskul paliye dhorte tomar duto haath
    A C#m Bm E
    kato mar kheychi, mukh buje shoyechi, anyay kato apobaad
    A C#m Bm A
    boyesh takhon chilo, ponero tai chilo, shwapno dakhar baram
    A C#m Bm E
    matha-r bhetor chilo elvis prisley, khata-r bhetor tomar naam

    % A C#m Bm Bm D A
    Mary Ann, Mary Mary Ann Mary Ann Marie

    Lyrics of the remaining part:
    kore shob elomelo, elvis chole galo, kete galo bochor anek
    tomaro mama kaka, ake ake pari dilo, shobbai mile bilet
    roye gele tomra, ankre rippon street, duto ghar, sh(n)iri'r tola-e
    nona dewal theke cholchol chokhe jishu hath tule ashwash daye akhono
    aj rikshaw-e chore tumi dule dule chole jao amar para diye praye
    pak dhore gache chul-e, gal duto gache jhule, niyamito abahala-e
    kono ak office-ete shorthand nite nite nokhgulo gache kshaye
    chottobala-r prem amar kalo mem, kothaye gele hariye
    tomar baba chilo engine driver, amar bonedi byabsha
    bongsher ijjat rakhte hole, bou hote hobe phorsha
    bangali-r chele tai, gala-e gamche diye phellam kore biye
    chottobala-r prem amar kalo mem, kothaye gele hariye
    My personal music blog! Let me know if you like my effort!
    my community:
    Kolkata Board (CGC)

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    quitegood...i have to say.. good work
    The day i learnt to love, the day i learnt to live ..

    "It is better to burn out than fade away" - Kurt Cobain

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    Simple Song : Perfect Chords.

    (Just in case you want the full version try this:
    My Guitar Blogs:

    DesiChords . blogspot . com
    BanglaChords . blogspot . com
    BasicMusicTheory . blogspot . com

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    Mary Ann original guitar chord


    A , , , / C#m , , , / D , , , / E , , ,
    A , , , / C#m , , , / D , , , / E , , ,
    A , , , / C#m , , , / D , , , / E , , ,
    A , , , / C#m , , , / D , , , / E , , ,


    A , , , / F#m , , , / A , , , / F#m , , ,
    A , , , / E , , , / A , , , / %

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    Quote Originally Posted by moon View Post
    i think your given chords are not appropiate.
    the original chords are: C----Em----F-----C || C----Em----F----G
    for chorus : C----Am----Dm----C
    lets practice your self.
    I think this sounds better...thanx

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    Amra jodi Chord Relation ta bujhte pari, tobe ei topic a alochito kichu prosner jobab pawa jabe. Manus to vul korbei n ta theke sikhbe. dekhlam sobai khali bolsen 'no confusion' kintu ate jar confusion hocche tar prob solve hocche na. Dr shujon20052005, asa kori apnar prob ta solve hobe..

    jehetu C major chorder relation bohul procholito, ami C dia udahoron ta dicchi:

    Kon chord er sathe konta bajbe tar kisu relation ase..tar moddhe basic ta nia alochona korsi:

    Dhorun 'C major'

    Amra C major er scale bajale nicher note gulo jothacrome pai:

    C D E F G A B.
    akhon Cmajor dia suru howa 1ta gane sadharonoto J chordgulo baje ta holo:

    C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, Bdim (Diminished).

    Tahole dekhun scale a j note gulo peyechi tar e chord gulo bajche. abar scale a nojor din dekhun major minor chord gulor progression ta erkm:

    1st note'er Major, 2nd tar Minor, 3rd- Minor, 4th- Major, 5th- Major, 6th- Minor, n 7th- Diminished.

    akhon C er jaygay A major bosia dekha jak:

    A major scale:

    A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#

    akhon akhane ager relation bosalei paowa jabe A Major er sathe ki Ki chord bajbe:

    A, Bm, C#m, D, E, F#m, G#dim...

    eivabe sob major mother chord er Chord Progression ta ber kore felun bes.

    R A major theke bajano jkono gan Cmajor theke bajanoi jay, ate sudhu scale er poriborton hoy r kisu noy.

    jmon- C theke bajano 1ti ganer chordgulo jodi erkm hoy: C, G, F, G
    A theke bajale tar chordgulo hobe: A, E, D, E.

    ate ganer surer kono poriborton hoyna, sudhu scale ta uchu nichu hoy.


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    I tried the chords posted by deb7sk and moon and they both work! If I'm not wrong they are simple transpositions of each other. Hence you can adjust your voice to play with either progression. As far as playability is concerned moon's chords are easier for beginners as deb7sk has a few barre chords. Personally I prefer deb7sk's version because it sounded better with my voice tone :D

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    Thumbs up

    ..............good job......................


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