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    EvilSapphire is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2011

    Glider GL 1 capo in Kolkata??

    Anyone knows where to find a Glider GL 1 capo in Kolkata? It's basically like any other capo,except it comes with a thumb roller which allows you to slide it into a new position WHILE you're playing. A guy named SouthWind in youtube made a brilliant application of it in his "My heart will go on" fingerstyle arrangement. Sungha Jung made a cover of it too. Does anyone know where to find one in and around Kol?

    (Titanic) My Heart Will Go On + TAB - YouTube <-- Link to cover of the SouthWind arrangment. Watch it. It's AMAZING!

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    SimplyLuo is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2011
    Hi there,
    First, thanks very much for sharing my video. I really appreciate it and I'm happy you liked it!
    A few of my viewers from India were able to order the capo from, which ships to India. Just wanted to mention that in case you can't find it in a store


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    syber is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2009
    You can try It is available there.

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    sohamgig is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2012
    Check around lalbazar area..u wl gt thre



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