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    aahmed91 is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2012

    Classical Bengali Song + Classical Dance?

    Hey everybody,

    I have a request that is kind of specific and vague at the same time. I'm looking for a song that is primarily acoustic that one could also perform a bengali classical dance to? My idea was that I would play guitar while a girl would dance to it.

    Any ideas?


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    joydeep1978 is offline Beginner
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    Sep 2010
    Santa Clara, CA
    rabindra sangeet gaao : graam chhara oi raanga maatir poth / aaji dhaner khete roudro chhayaay baa ei rokom kichhu...

    ekhaane chord search korley peye jaabey... taachara arindam er blog eo dekhtey paaro:
    IndianGuitarChords // Complete List of Songs on BanglaChords



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