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    guitarist_bd is offline Beginner
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    Oct 2005

    Anyone know about Guitar Fx( A real time effect software)

    Hi i know its a tab section. i am finding a software that called guitar fx or guitar fx Box. its a real time software that converts the guitar sound on distortion/overdrive and more. can anyone got the full version of that any software? i have downloaded guitar fx but oita 30 day evation sesh howar por ar use kora jacce na. amonki notun kore download korlo hocce na. plz share the software if anyone got or get me the web link.

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    Apr 2005
    Salt Lake, Kolkata
    Hmmm... Eishob cracking-er discussions IGt-te banned jotodur jani. Aar Guitar FX Box basically ekta joghonno software. Only Tuner-ta kaajer. Search in torrents, though.
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    Feb 2005
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    Guitar FX niye problem hochhe.

    Can anyone help me out ?

    I am unable to record files.I mean my outfile gives error. The outfile is created but everytime it is saved it is converted to a file sized 44bytes.

    Irrespective of the file format and everything, the output file is sized 44bytes and gives error everytime it is tried to open.

    Any help ?

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    Aug 2006
    ei software ta valo bt onek delay hoy sound aste...valomoto sune dekho ear training valo hole bujte parbe ...nijer procesor na takle eta 1ta SUPERB software bt nijer procesor takle eta asolei 1ta JOGONNO software ... full version+perfect crack khujte khujte amar obosta 12ta beje gesilo ... bt ekhon khuja sere disi coz iv my own procesor now ... jodio electric guitar ny , beche disi ... kinbo abar ... tao jodi tomra keu valo version pao to amake janio ... rekhe dite prob ki?..
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