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Thread: Aaj Prothombar

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    Aaj Prothombar

    Ei Forum er sobai ke amar nomoshkar. Eta amar prothom post. Amar kota jinish bolar ebong janar ache.
    Ami konodin guitar sikhini, tai guitar er theoritical bepar amar kichhu jana nei. My mother was a singer, so I used to watch the musicians play the guitar. Dekhe dekhe, ami chord sikhechi, and I have some idea about chords. Ekta gaan shune ami, tar chords bajate pari ( Later on I referred books to know about major and minor chords).
    I can also play a bit of lead(shune shune), but no where near to gurus. This is where I stand now.
    I have been following the posts for sometime now, and came to know about you gurus about stuff called Eartraining.
    Ami ebar seriously guitar ta sikhte chai. Ki bhabe egobo, etai amar proshno.
    Ami Bangalore e thaki. Jodi keu kichu advice dite paren, I will be ever grateful. May be someone can refer some trainers too.

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    guitar is not such a tuff thing to learn.. practicer dorkar, but yeh Its real tuf to master..

    well.. you can get yourself a teacher or you can simply learn from the net(which I am doing now). Just go to google and type Free Guitar lessons and you will find billions of guitar sites. They will teach you everything you wanna know.
    They will give you tabs.. teach u how to play all the pieces , tell you the Theory of what your playing. You can also improve your timing, they have audio clips with all instruments going on, and you have to time and play your guitar.Its nice stuff. just that you have to download allot.
    Amito arr shomoi noi je phiree ashbo na....

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    welcome 2 IGT !!!
    Rohan Dasgupta.
    Vocals and Guitars, Concrete Junglee.

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    Hmm.. That should have been posted in Chit chat...
    NeWaYz... to IGT - Home for Gadget Reviews




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