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    sunshinegirl is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2008

    Yamaha PSR E313 'Resale price'???

    I m planning to sell my 14 months old 'Yamaha PSR E313' keyboard, which is in exellent condition (including some 4 - 5 notaion books,adopter, book stand & Bag). So, What should b the resale price???
    Please give some suggestions.

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    knapshots is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2007
    assuming u bought it in the 8500 to 11000 bracket,
    i think 6800-7500 is a good bargain and value for ur money as well

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    alpha1's Avatar
    alpha1 is offline I BLUES!
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    Dec 2005
    Do we even have a resale market in India?

    I believe the best would be to check the ongoing rates at ebay or any other US site - and extrapolate to India using the FX rates.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    gauravdse is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2006
    i wanna buy the same model
    have you sold that psr e 313
    or is it still available for sale,

    reply me

    or text me at

    we can talk about other details later
    if availability is ensured first



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