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    khaleelda1 is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2006

    Smile Strings for acoustic guitar.......


    i need to replace my acoustic guitar strings.....

    the last time i got it changed.......that guy put some crappy strings......and i am just not enjoying it.....they are not giving the FULL acoustic sound!!

    please suggest some brand or rather how to identify good strings.....

    also my budget is too low......100-150 INR (approx 3USD)

    Any suggestions(brand) or advice would be helpfull..

    (by the way i am in mumbai- India)

    thanks in advance


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    arun91 is offline Newbie
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    May 2008
    if ur budget is low then try 'alice'...

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    prit_undead's Avatar
    prit_undead is offline Tabber
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    Aug 2005
    granada bronze coated strings
    costs 80 bucks in kolkata
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