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    Oct 2010

    Lightbulb Ibanez grg 170 DX vs Schecter omen 6 vs Cort X2

    hi i am a drummer and have lately moved into guitars. have been playing guitars for around 1.5 years now. planning to buy an electric guitar. please weigh the pro's and cons for the following guitars.

    possible models:-

    1) Ibanez grg 170 DX

    2) Schecter omen 6

    3) Cort X2

    current processor :- Zoom G2.1U

    current amp :- ZAR E-Guitar Amplifier E-10

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    well i myself own the cort x2vnfr...i play it with my zar 10watt sounds pretty well ...the cons would be...the pickup selector sometimes doesnt work properly,maybe its related to my guitar only ...but later i fixed it...and the 12 fret notes sound slighty sharp to my ears

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