I am hearing this song repeatedly in Raj TV nowadays - Film: Thendralae Ennai Thodu

It is a gentle melody duet by KJY + SJ and music by IR - Simply extraordinary BGM.

The chords are also fairly simple - Only 3 chords used A D E - A Sus 4 is used in more places.

I putting the chords as under - Please please correct the same if the progression is wrong

(A Sus 4) Thenral vandhu ennaitthodum
(A Sus 4) aahaa Sattham indri mutthamidum
(A Sus 4)pagalE pOi vidu (E) iravE paai kodu
(A Sus 4)nilavE (E) panneerai (D) thoovi (A) Oyvedu

(D) Thooral pOdum innEram (A)thOLil (E) Saindhaal (D)pOdhum
(D)Saaral paadum sangeedham (A)kaalgaL (E)thaaLam (D)pOdum
(A)therindha (D)piragu (A)thiraigaL (D)edharkku
(A)nanaindha (D)piragu (A)naNam (D)edharkku
(A)maarbil (D)Saayum (E)nEram

There are two videos in YouTube both playing the melody part of the song in guitar - You can get more inspiration if you watch them.

Though the song starts in A chord, the root is D Major and set in Hamsanadham raga.

This raga is a pentatonic raga and the notes used are D E G# A C# - The whole song is wihtin these 5 notes

Enjoy this superb IR number and do post your views / comments..................... Sathya