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    Thumbs up Thenae thenpaandi meenae - Another superb IR melody - Thaalaattu Paattu

    Superb singing by SPB in the film Udhaya Geetham - A lovely melody by IR - A good thaalaattu paadal - one of my favorite.

    The song is composed in C Major and the melody follows almost C Major scale notes.

    Putting down the chords for this song - Impersonating from Rajesh's post in IKF.

    (C) thaenae thenpaandi meenae
    (F) isai (C)thaenae (F)isai (C)thaenae
    (F) maanae (C) ila (F)maanae
    (C) needhaan sendhaamaarai (F)thaalae.(C)laeloa
    (C) netri moonraambirai aa..ree.(F)raa.(C)roa

    (C) maalai veyyil vaelaiyil (Em)madhurai varum (Am)thenralae
    (C) aadi maadham vaigaiyil (Em)aadi varum (Am) vellamae
    (G) nanjai punjai naalum undu (Cm) neeyum adhai aa...lalam
    (G) maaman veettu mayilum undu (Cm) maalai kattip poa..dalam
    (Cm)raajaa (A#)nee dhaan (Fm)nenjaththilae (C)nirkum ****ai

    Hope you will enjoy this. Please do correct if I have not put the progression properly while doing copycat.... Sathya

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    v.raghura87 is offline Beginner
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    superb sir



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