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    Apr 2013
    tamil nadu , chennai

    Cool teach begineer to strumming by great masters in igt

    hi to all guitarist ... ungaluku strumming pana terinja inga nenga solikudunga pa ... how to strum for song nu please hep panunga .... chords how to play nu soli kudunga ...first ena pananu .. !!!!!!!! sema confusion !! onu puriala pa ... please help me //.......

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    Annieston is offline Newbie
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    Strumming ithu thaan endu standard mehod illa..
    It is Just a feel....
    I was at your level 1 year ago.. Nw I can play pretty basic and some advance chords...with many stumming paterns...
    I can help you in the way how I got through...

    Follow there youtube channels... and search there for strumming

    1) My Virtual guruji - Suresh - YouTube
    2) Another learning channel :- HowToPlayGuitar2's channel - YouTube



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