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    SATHYA167 is offline IGTIAN
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    Nov 2008
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    Thumbs up Tabs for Poovukkellam Siragu Mulaithathu from Uyirodu Uyiraaga

    Please see this video. It is amazing and an excellent piece of work.

    Poovukellam Siragu - YouTube

    I see the following notes being played - s r2 g3 p d2 S, which is a pure Mohanam.

    The western notes are C D E G A of C major scale.

    The song is being played in these 5 notes taking 's' as "D", i.e D E F# A B.

    Watch the video and try. If any one is having notes or tabs, please put the same.

    Please do tell me if my comments are wrong................. Sathya

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    johnyguitar is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2015
    Plz put the tabs for this

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    Sathya SIr,
    I could play the first few notes, but it didn't sound right with the given tabs.
    the first line "poovukellam Siragu" I played using d f# e f# f#slideg e f# e d d a a e d e

    I've heard this song for the first time and will need some listening before i can tab it further, but as of now, the tune looks like to be in G major scale. I have no knowledge at ragas.
    Kindly chip in a word about the raga, and i'll try looking it up.


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    kaarthik is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2013
    Bro can i get tabs for this?



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