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    req: usure poguthey from ravanan

    Hello all,

    can any one post the chords for the song usure poguthe from the film ravanan. I tried to find myself, but I am confused very much. I guess it starts with Am but I am not sure. Also I heard C,F, G and Dm. It may be totally wrong. Please any one help me. Thank you.

    Senthil, Rajesh, ashok kindly consider my request.


    "I may be a bad SINGER, but not my GUITAR"

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    Hi pradeep,

    As per your request , this song doesn't contain chords variation, only one bass line with single chord was make up the whole song that is A5,yes, you are right, it starts with A chord pattern and xylophone or bell arp are carried along with bass that is |A|D-D|E| ,so i got some support chords to sorround in some place , here it is......


    (A5)Intha bhoomiyila eppa vanthu nee porantha
    en buthikula theeporiya nee vethacha
    adi theku mara kaadu perusuthaan
    chinna theekuchi osaram sirusuthaan ..
    adi theku mara kaadu perusuthaan
    chinna theekuchi osaram sirusuthaan
    oru theekuchi vizhundhu pu***uthadi
    karunthaekumara kaadu ve***uthadi

    (No Chords)usure poguthey usure poguthey
    (A5)odhata nee konjam suzhikayila
    ohhhhh maaman thavikiren, madipicha kekuren
    manasathaadi en manikuyilae
    akkarai cheemaiyil nee irun(Bb)thum
    aiviral theenditha (A5)nenaikuthadi
    agini pazhamunu therinjirunthum
    a***adi naaku thu***uthadi....(A sus4)

    (A)odambum manasum thooram thooram
    otta ninaika aagala
    manasu sollum nalla solla
    maaya odambu kaekala
    (A5)thaviya.. (Bb)thavichu..
    osur (A)thadam kettu thiriyuda(Bb)di
    thayi(A)languru(Bb)vi enna (A)thalli ninnu sirukuda(Bb)di..
    (D/A)intha mammutha kiruku theeruma
    adi manthirichu vitta kozhi maaruma
    (G/D)en mayakatha theethuvechu manichudumaa..


    |C-Eb-Bb-|Eb- - - |- - - -|F-F-F-|

    |C-Eb-Bb-|- -Eb - |- - - -|- - - -|

    santhiranum sooriyanum suthi orae koatil varuguthey
    sathiyamum paththiyamum ippa thalaisuthi kidakuthey

    Remain parts are repeating same pattern

    Ashok Ravi
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