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    Guitarsen is offline Pro Tabber
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    Sep 2012

    Rare/Unknown/Underrated Gems

    Does anyone have the chords for these songs?

    1. Nilavu Suduvadhilai - Paari Jaadham ThiraiPaadal Player
    2. Unakkagave Vaazhgiren - Vera Vela Oduma ThiraiPaadal Player
    3. Anbe odi Vaa - Jodi Nadhigal ThiraiPaadal Player
    4. Ninaikka Therindha Maname - Chinna Chinna Muthuneerile ThiraiPaadal Player
    5. Un Kannil Neer Vazhindhaal - Malare Malare Ullasam ThiraiPaadal Player
    6. Paaru Paaru Pattanam Paaru - Yaar Thoorigai ThiraiPaadal Player

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    SATHYA167 is offline IGTIAN
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    Nov 2008
    Gurgaon, Haryana (Near Delhi - NCR)
    Absolutely no idea brother............ Sathya



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