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    For People who can read Tamil Script

    Please read the post, I got goose bumps while reading this; so proud of Raja Avargall after reading this article, recently I got chords from Roentgen for the song "Needhaane Endha pon vasandham"; I read this article few minutes back accidentally, after reading this article and viewing Roentgen's chords you will understand the reason why I praise The Maestro; Thank you once again Roentgen

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    The author Vicky is an ardent fan of Ilayaraja and has written quite a lot on his music. He also contributes to an English blog for those who may be interested.
    Stop existing and start living!

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    Thamboo & Roentgen,
    Thank you for the resourceful links.

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    That was great guys
    Me too a great fan of ilayaraja sir the only maestro




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