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    pavanbits is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2004

    Smile Panivizhum--AUDIO--An Illayaraja Feast

    hi ppl,
    Back again with one more song...this is Illayaraja's superhit song Panivizhum...the best part is i am a got it sung by one of my good tamilian friend..and lemme tell u what i felt...the song is amazing..more than the language i started appreciating the here it goes a dedication to all my tamilian friends out there in IGT...

    IGT rocks....


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    skarthik is offline Newbie
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    May 2008
    Yes, Gentle man, My guitarist is western born. First time, he listened this song to teach me. He got fainted. His comments, is sooo beautifully composed. Immediately he took his guitar & started strumming....playing along with this song! hahhahah!



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