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    arunraj1091 is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2011

    Oora therinju kiten ... Thalaivar song

    Plz post chords if you have..

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    roentgen's Avatar
    roentgen is offline Pro Tabber
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    Jan 2007
    Here it is.

    oora the
    (E)rinjikittaen (Am)ulagam pu(Dm)rinjikittaen (E)kanmani en kanmani
    (Am)gnaanam po(E)randhiruchchu (Am)naalum pu(Dm)rinjiduchchu (Am)kanmani en kanmani
    (Dm)pachcha kozhandhaiyinnu paalootti (G)valarththaen
    (Dm)paalak kudichipputtu paambaagak (F)koththudhadi

    (Am)aedhu bandha paasam (F)ellaam veli (Am)vaesham
    (Am)kaasu panam vandhaa (F)naesam sila (Am)maasam
    (C)sindhinaen raththam sindhinaen adhu (E)ellaam veendhaanoa
    (Am7)vaeppilai kari(C)vaeppilai adhu (E)yaaroa naandhanoa
    (E)en veettuk kannukkutti (Am)ennoada malluk katti
    (Dm)en maarbil muttudhadi (G)kanmani en kanmani
    (C)theeppatta (E)kaayathila (G)thael vandhu (Am)kottudhadi (E)kanmani...........(Am)kanma(Dm)ni

    Stop existing and start living!

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    senthilsamrat is offline Newbie
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    May 2012
    can u tell the strumming pattern dude?..



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