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    Thumbs up Madai Thiranthu - NizhalgaL- Ilayaraja-Chords

    Dear All,

    Greetings from a newbie to this group. It is great to see an Indian tablature
    site take off in such a big way. I have quite a few Tamizh and Hindi guitar ta
    bs which I hope to share with you in future. I have seen a number of very nice
    posts here from people like Ananth and Jayswami and I hope I can both contrib
    ute and learn from this group.

    I thought that I would start off by posting the chords to the song "Madai Thi
    ranthu" from Nizhalgal..

    I play the song in the A#maj Scale. I don't know if this is the original one s
    ince I worked out the chords for this a few years ago, but it still works. If
    this is not the original scale, you can always move it around.

    Ok.. the A#maj scale consists of the following notes:

    A# C D D# F G A

    The corresponding chords are:

    A#, Cm, Dm, D#, F, Gm and Am-dim

    (I apologize for being a little pedantic here but I have found that it usually helps to understand the scale first before going on to the chords).

    The other thing to note is that you could call this the A#maj Scale or the Gmin Scale. The Gmin is the relative minor of the A#maj scale. (On the fretboard, you can identify this by going down three semitones (half notes) to find the relative minor of a major scale). The notes and chords remain the same except that you would start from G instead of A#. On second thoughts, seeing how the song shapes up, I would rather call this the Gmin Scale.

    Anyway, let me give the chords first before a brief discussion:

    Dm          Gm    A#                      Dm
    Madai thiRanthu, Thaavum nathi alai naan,
    Dm          Gm      A#                    Dm
    Manam thiRanthu, koovim thiru kuyil naan,
    Dm          Cm                         Gm
    Isai Kalaingan, yen aasaigaL aayiram
    Gm                          A# Dm Cm F
    Ninaiththathu PaLiththathu
    Intro - 1

    Stanza - 1

    Dm                  A#             Gm             A#
    Kaalam KaNinthathu, kathavugaL thiRanthathu
    Dm                  A#             Gm           A#
    Nyaanam ViLainthathu, nal Isai piRanthathu
    Cm             Cm           Cm                       A#
    Puthu raagam padaippathaale, Naanum iRaivanE,
    A#          A#           A#                 Cm
    Isaikkena IsaigindRa rasigargaL raajjiyam,
    Cm       Dm
    YenakkE thaan.

    The second stanza is similar.

    A few things to note:

    In the Gmin Scale, the chords are so:

    Gm Amaj-dim A# Cm Dm D# F

    I IV V

    where I, IV and V denote the tonic, subdominant and dominant of the scale.

    1. The piece starts off with the V (Dm) and then resolves to the tonic (Gm) at the very beginning (Madai Thiranthu). I find this interesting because usually, people start off a song with the tonic and usually follow some chord progression, resoving it to the tonic again towards the end.

    2. The chord progression in the first lines is I - III - V (nice.. different from the usual I-IV-V.

    3. I like the resolution to tonic at the end of the (Ninaiththathu paLiththathu).. as Gm - A# - Dm - Cm - F which follows a I-III-V-IV-VII resolving to I at the next stanza.

    4. The stanzas have the same basic I-III-V progression before getting to IV-V at the end (Cm - Dm) .. and letting it hang like that. Creates a certain tension that can ONLY be released by resolving to the I, which is done at the next "Madai Thiranthu" when the Gm is played. I have found that I usually love songs that do this uniformally.. (also songs where there are scale changes... but thats for another day).

    5. In the second interlude, Raja subtly adds am F# into the mix. Now this is obviously outside the scale but nobody bothered to tell the Maestro that It creates a very nice effect.

    Hope this helps and please feel free to critique/correct me where I have gone wrong.

    P. S. The ends of the chords are a little misaligned.. hopefully someone can tell me how to rectify that

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    Welcome bio. hope to see a lot of postings from you.

    May be you want to check
    for madai thiranthu chords from Kishmu. Jayswami and Kishmu are moderatoring there. So chords are usually more accurate.

    Keep posting more songs and also include theory explanations (very useful for starters like me)

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    bioswami is offline Newbie
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    May 2006
    Thanks Jozko,

    Shall surely try depending on constraints on time of course



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    hello to myself a musician welcome this site

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    Coimbatore, IN
    thanks for tha chords dude!
    Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live! -----Bob Marley

    Allen Sebastian

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    Apr 2009
    Hii.. do u have tabs for the same ... if so , could u plz upload dem!
    thanks in advance!



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