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    boaz is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2012

    Help,,! How to Decipher Chords and Notes on my own,,!

    I have been playing guitar for the past six months,am self learnt.
    i can able to see chords and notes and play with it.
    but i cant able to decipher the chords on my own,
    i know one cannot be known as musician unless he creates Music.
    Wat should i do ?
    Suggestions Plz,!
    Thank you,!

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    rajeshguitar is offline Pro Tabber
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    Oct 2010
    Hi Boaz,
    There was some discussion on this topic in this thread, especially on the chords here:
    Chords: Aaha Kaadhal - Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal - Yuvan
    Thanks to Senthil and other experts, we have some clue on how to do this.
    Adopting these steps and finding the right chords is still challenging for some of us, we keep trying!



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