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    Guitarsen is offline Pro Tabber
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    Sep 2012

    Attn. V.Raghura87

    Hi Raghu,

    Being a newbie u r getting more excited to see all ur fav songs and sending thx notes to the author. That's a nice thing, but numerous postings pushes down all the current topics invisible on the main page. Hope u r not doing it intentionally. Can u either limit ur thx note once or twice a day or send as a Private Message to the author.
    Thanks Senthil

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    Aug 2012
    Thank Senthil Sir for this post.

    Dear Raghu,
    Please don't misunderstand Senthil Sir's advice.
    A better way is to click on the star symbol at the bottom left of the post and add to the author's reputation.
    That will help the author gain some inspiration.
    And keep learning. It is not enough to know the tabs of any song until you can play them with ease. And that comes with a lot of practice.

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    pearlmaharajan is offline Pro Tabber
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    Jun 2008
    Raghu... first of all I am happy about ur thanking thing... as the seniors pointed out... pls follow...
    Thanks, Pearl...

    trying to become a Guitartist

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    v.raghura87 is offline Beginner
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    Sep 2011
    My Apologize

    And "lots & lots" of thanks to u all




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