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    ***Kadhal Konjam instrumental and karaoke Uploaded!***

    Hi guys,

    I have played and recorded the instrumental of entire song Kadhal konjam in my keyboard (PSR3000) with all the BGMs and melody pieces. I have uploaded it in rapidshare. Please go to the following link to download the mp3 version.

    The song is in Bb minor scale. The chords are Bbmin F# C# G#. During the last stanza, the song shifts to Cmin scale and the chords will change to Cm G# D# Bb.

    I have also recorded a karaoke version of the song for those who need a playback for singing. I have uploaded in the following location:

    The karaoke version and the instrumental are exactly same as the original song with same timings and tabs, hummings, etc.



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    hi friend, I'm a light music keyboard player. Your Kadhal konjam karaoke is excellent. Excellent arrangement. I really enjoyed its perfection. I want Anbil Avan song from Vinnaithandi varuvaya. Can you do it for me with this kind of quality. I want to use this for singing this song my self.

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    Nicely done, really!



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