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Thread: Zionist Exposed

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    Islam is not the root cause of all the problems, but you can very well say that people (read so called terrorists) are using Islam as a convenient guidebook. It really should be upto all Muslims to defend this right?

    Also, most of the times fundamentalists are to blame, because in most of the middle east fundamentalists rule the people. The people couldn't care any less either, which is sad to say the least.

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    Firstly, who the hell expects any media source (be it random blog guy, al jazzera, Fox, emonewsformetro***ualgypsies, etc) to be “fair” in any way?
    CNN is a good news source. For a pro American, rich, democrats’ point of view on everything.
    And secondly, I think that most rich Americans and American Jews are actually Zionist sympathisers and not Zionists themselves. There’s a big difference, and I doubt that Wolf blitzer is actually a full fledged Zionist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iraqita_EP
    ^^yesterday i met an imam in delhi on a skul trip and before hand only i told him that i didnt believe in any religion though i believed in god..........he welcomed me wid open arms into the mosque and made us all(hindus,sikhs,christians,etc)feel very welcome
    and noone in the mosque cared from wich religion we were
    i dunno wer u get the ideas that islam is the root cause of the current problems
    thats one imam who has done his homework.
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