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    i fell flat on the ground infront of my crush. this was in school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beginner_lavina
    i fell flat on the ground infront of my crush. this was in school.
    so u fell in love......
    Life is like a negros left ball...neither fair not right

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    My most eMbarassing moment-lol

    Guys i was in college and we had travelled to REC Surathkal for this cultural fest of theirs. We were presenting a 'General Variety' show--in which I had to do a guitar single immediately after a Skit.

    So as soon as the skit got over I changed my clothes and started playing my guitar on stage----but behold--in the hurry I had forgotten to ZIP my Fly!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man everybody was hooting and clapping--I thought I was playing well---man but after my song ended--the anchor anounced a Chit from the Audience--( they call it a fish pond--audience cooments)--said-''song was okay but the peep show was better''. Man 300 people started Laughing--oh man then my friends told me what had happened!!!!!!!!!!--but anyways we came in 3 rd!!!!!


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