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    madhura is offline pani poori yum yum ....
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    Oct 2004

    Xbox 360 to debut on MTV tonight

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    lord_neo Guest
    hmm..looks arent that impressive of xbox 2 the joysticks are like 6bit ataris! hopefully the hardware inside would be impressive!

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    cYpHeR's Avatar
    cYpHeR is offline Banned
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    Mar 2005
    is it true....before x-box 1 also they came out with dummy designs tht wer nt even close to the real thing....

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    Dec 2004
    acorn guts
    aaah it is gooood ...not bad at all!!
    dun like the exterior very much, but look what that baby has got under the hood!
    3 IBM 3.2 GHz procc. 500 Mb of memory , 20Gb removable harddisk ... its better than my desktop PC!! ...and not to forget wireless controls as defualt!

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    Addy Pant's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    New Delhi, India
    I think the PS3 will be better coz its got a 4GHz Cell Processor (Its got a speed of something less than the 10th fastest supercomp - read that in IC CHIP mag), 512 MB of ram. Man that's gonna kill any PC.
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