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    Post Worth a watch - Tsunami Clips

    Well most of you think its a waste, but I suppose you give it a watch

    this link has a couple of videos of the Tsunami.

    In the name of God, Pray for the people who have lost their life. Maybe its time you can pay of your sins, Show Humanity & DONATE... GodForBid, It could have been you homeless lost in the Tsunami.

    May God Rest Their Soul In Peace and Shower His Blessings on to the suffered Nations. Amen

    The link :

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    it was a very very sad incident ...
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    Bad enough to hear and read about the incident. Now clips of them? No please, i dont think i'll sleep if i watch those. And yeah, i'm sure everyone's praying, my family donated what we could to the victims. Hope it helps.
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    god..the incident just puts me in a bad mood..dont wanna psyche myself out all the more
    hail..hail...hail and killll

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    I thought the videos were cool. When are you ever gonna see a tsunami caught on tape?
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    saw some last night on the tele...gave me no thanks i will save myself from the misery!!



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