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    Quote Originally Posted by santabanta
    ha ha ha ha ..... kharram khurram lijjat papad spoke too soon ... a classic case of spokeustoosoonus footisinthemouth syndrome ...

    Ppl from abroad wont get it.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    sheikh zayed road ...
    khurraaam mere manchester paki kya hua dost ...itni jaldi conclussion nai martay hota hain i mean ppl get senti ...but india has always had best of batsmen n u av best bowlers dhulai continues hahaha sehwag ki jai ho sehwag ki jai ho 46 boundaries 1 six kya baat hain maja agaya aray yaar 1 wicket tho nikalo ....khurram send u d flight tickets m8 u can go down n bowl hehe tc no hard feelings hota hain n ya india pak cricket series zindabad

    >>>InDiAn RoCkIn LIveRpOOL<<<<
    >--N!GGa Wa$ A W!NdOW ShOppEr -->
    ^^£, GeT RiCh Or D!E TrYiN ,$^^

    >~~>dun hunt wen u cnt kill >~~>

    >~~>StOp d EaRtH....i WaNnA Get DoWn>~~>

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    Arre indian batsman bahut kharab hain..............wicket lene he nahi dete


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