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    Zeus is offline Beginner
    Join Date
    Aug 2003

    Talking Whats you PC configuration??


    P3 700

    Intel 810e Motherboard

    320 Ram (Thats 256 + 64 = 320)

    20 gb HDD

    Some shitty speakers

    aslo shitty sound card

    Whats urs??

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    lord_neo Guest
    P4 2.4 Mhz with Hyper Threading

    256 dd ram

    Intel 865 Mother board 800 mhz

    Sound Card: Sount Blaster Live Audigy

    Speaker: Home Theater Sytem 5.1

    Monitor: 17inch Flatron

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    esgallindeion's Avatar
    esgallindeion is offline Minstrel Knight
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Some slow shitty stuff. <-- note the clever use of alliteration.
    The words of a banished king
    "I swear revenge"
    Filled with anger aflamed our hearts
    Full of hate full of pride...
    Oh, we screamed for revenge
    - Blind Guardian (Nightfall)

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    slash is offline Guitarist
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    WOW...thats babe you got there..lord neo

    I think i will only insult myself posting my pc config....:o

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    iblees is offline Newbie
    Join Date
    Oct 2003
    gangsters paradise

    i Got
    P4 3.0
    512 DDR ram
    60 Gb Hard drive with 7200 RPM
    Gforce4 ti 4200 (3d Fx Card)
    Crative Audigy 2 EX
    6.1 kenwood IOC + Kenwood WOOX Hifi
    Cd writer lite On
    Dvd Lite On
    gigabytw v2 mother board
    video capturing card Pinnnacle's
    Web Cam Creative
    21" LCD

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    Redalert is offline Tabber
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    My god!!

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    scot_hacker's Avatar
    scot_hacker is offline Beginner
    Join Date
    Jan 2004
    I got...
    PIII 550
    256megs of RAM
    8.4 GB in my hard drive
    Two cute speakers
    A simple monitor (ahh!)
    A CD-ROM that reads upto 52x (oh my god)
    A modem (awesome!!)
    Windows XP (ewww..)
    SuSE Linux 9.0 (**BEAT THAT.**)

    Hah. But I love it anyway.
    Version: 3.1
    GE/CS/MU d-- s+:- a--- C++ U*++ P+>+++ L++>++++ !E o? N+
    w !O PS+ PE+ Y+ PGP- tv+ b+(-) !D G>+++ e>++++ r+(-) y- W+++
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

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    alli is offline The Best Ever
    Join Date
    Sep 2003
    i wish i knew nething so i culd post.....

    Lost in abyss are the many. Or are they in a sea of bliss...or maybe of torment?
    I will not fall into these destructive worldly ways.
    Blackhole, I will not indulge in thee..
    Wait...I have forgotten that you also dwell in me...


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    prash_rocks's Avatar
    prash_rocks is offline Over the Hills & Far Away
    Join Date
    Nov 2003
    New Delhi
    Uh huh, seems this thread has been recovered from digging deep within... it dates back to prehistoric times for me - I wasn't here on this forum when this began and was written off!

    Talking my pc config...

    P3 550 MHz (512 K cache... yo)
    192 MB RAM (128+64)... the poor thing is, it's an SDRAM :o
    20 GB HDD (it's close to be filled to brim)
    Samsung CD-RW drive
    Unmentionable worth and brand of speakers and soundcard (I'm dying to let out - they're Philips and Crystal WDM)
    Win XP
    ...and the best of all - a 24 hour net connection. YEAH!
    Many times I've lied, many times I've listened
    Many times I've wondered how much there is to know...
    Mellow is the man who knows what he's been missing
    Many many men can't see the open road...
    Many is a word that only leaves you guessing
    Guessing 'bout a thing you really ought to know...



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