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    my chair

    Exclamation whats this song???

    was watching greys anatomy n there was this song in one part (thats before a patient starts choking)

    whats this songs name???
    mods can close the thread after someone give the right name

    i dont know the ans been thinking for a while


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    -Other side of the Horizon- you wouldnt wanna be there..
    James Blunt - Tears and rain

    Thus drifting afar to the dim-vaulted caves
    Where life and its ventures are laid,
    The dreamers who gaze while we battle the waves
    May see us in sunshine or shade;
    Yet true to our course, though the shadows grow dark,
    We'll trim our broad sail as before,
    And stand by the rudder that governs the bark,
    Nor ask how we look from the shore!

    Oliver Wendell Holmes





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