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    May 2005
    houston , texas
    all unemployed...........are you? working music lovers have to go to bed to sleep early...........and family musician need not to worry of sleeping..they feel to sleep they will go in trance...and normal human needs 8 hours to decide now before saying truth....get married u will never sleep like this you are no boast that i sleep at this time and at this hours or so.........its all the things you enjoy that takes your sleepyness i guess......

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    May 2004
    around 2 a.m
    John Lennon --> ///o-o\\\

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    Feb 2005
    South Delhi
    i was insomnic @ hostel
    i cant wait to have an image signature..........

    "if you see that two parallel lines are means you have reached infinity" - dlogic

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    Sep 2004
    Sweet Middle East
    something between 3 & 4 am
    الذئب الليلي

    أكثر مِنْ ألف رسول لا يَستطيعونَ أَنْ يَدُوروا طريقةَ التفكير في بلاد العرب، ماذا يمكن أَنْ نحن بشر يَعمَلُ؟

    يَتغيّبُ عن وطنِي حقاً، على الأقل نحن ناسَ عاقلينَ


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