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    acorn guts
    hmm .. never been to india ... but here in uk .. it is widley accpeted that india has one of the most colourfull societies and a wonderfull culture ..
    i think its geologically fascinating as well .. the forests, the place where it rains all the time (remind me of the name please), the beaches .. (goa is it?) ...
    and well need i say anything about the culture?? .. just marvellous ..
    oo yeah .. and not to forget red fortress .. it has always fascinated me .. even more than taj mahal ..

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    the grave with no name
    i like kerla from a tv
    like delhi
    dil walo ki dilli

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamhead
    the grime
    the dirt
    the corruption
    the crowds
    the women with pointed asses
    the potholes
    the artform called bhangra
    the lack of civic sense amongst our aam janata
    the ambidexterocity of the indian male (eg scratching crotch whilst picking nose)
    the habit of eating with mouth open
    the habit of talking while eating
    the peppering of every sentence with BC and MC
    the habit of throwing trash and sometimes people out of trains
    the lack of appreciation of pearl jam amongst our bhai-o and behen-o
    the sheer difficultycity of indian classical music and dance
    the toxicity of water in our "system of a down" cities
    the lack of maintenance of historical places and artefacts

    you forgot to add:
    the stupid notion that india is "prospering"
    the stupid notion about almost everything
    the unexplainable need to adopt western culture
    the tendency to cheat you at every chance possible


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