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    Mar 2005
    on guitar... it was Agey Jodi Jantam (Bengali Song) ... on hermonium it was a Tagore Song.
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    Feb 2005
    On guitar: ek din aap yun humko mil jayenge...
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    Feb 2005
    my first song was .....ek haseena thi ek diwana....i only played the tune and not the chords.....and after that it was Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam .....i was really cool......the frist time i played guitar and learnt that song......too good.....and enjoying

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    ba ba black sheep - on my fender stratocaster
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    Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
    !!~~ एक्की रोक कारता है ~~!!

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    .........../... |....|.... (¯ `\
    ..........\......` ¯..¯ ´......•
    ...........\_ ............ _.•´

    !!~~ भारत माता की जय ~~!!

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    Aug 2004
    I learnt

    Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town - Pearl Jam (V/s Album)

    I remember playing and singing this song all the time. Simple Chord Progression but I had great fun doing it. I still play that occasionally and have great fun anytime I do it.
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    Mar 2005
    i played the karz tune...and then discovered the MI2 tune.....initially i just learnt tunes by my own...wen i was little familiar with chords i tried nothin else matters...

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    Jul 2004
    lahore, pakistan

    Thumbs up first impression

    i still donot know the names of chords, no imformation about scales, but first of all i learnt, the complete ones
    1. National anthem of pakistan
    2.roshani ka yakeen by shehzad roy
    3.always with me always with u by joe satriani
    4.blood and glory by stevevai
    5.the return of the deweller earth by steve vai
    6.crush of love by joe sartriani
    7.for the love of god by steve vai (still learning the last part)

    and lots of intros of all the satch and vai songs

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    May 2005
    Hangar 18 ... on parole ...
    i picked up guitar 'coz of one song ...

    Call of Ktulu by Metallica ... that one piece of muzic made me wanto learn it before death ...
    guess what ...

    that was the first piece of muzic i learned (the clean intro and then the distorted riff) ...
    man the feeling was absolutely gr8 ... especially playing along with the song ... feeling million bucks as if i was sitting there in the studio with Hetfield, Hammett, Burton and Ulrich ...

    the next was again 'Tallica stuff - Orion ... same story there ...

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    Jan 2012
    Hi m avishek..The first song i learned was AADAT by JAL THE BAND(PAKISTAN)....

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    Dec 2005
    WTF - you are avisek and u keep your userID as SONIAandsongs
    You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    Sep 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by gautam_njoy View Post
    mit b am compkete amatuer ...
    my first song dat i learnt to tab was ddlj song...
    all have learnt such gr8 songs.. i feel inferior ..
    but then to be true i was completely exstatic when i learnt to play the song....
    i wont ever forget the song and to play it...
    i dont think there is anything to be inferior about learning any song..just coz people are naming some bands and songs[i havent heard many n dont even know some names] ..doesnt mean they are any india normally those who listen to bollywood more are definitely bound to start with them
    am one of for mine..
    tabs- happy birthday to u
    chords -no prize for guessing- papa kehte hai..

    i have come a long way with so many 'hindi' songs..since am not a english music freak at all..and i dont feel inferior about it

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    Apr 2007
    It was a raga that i learnt first...Raag Bhimpalasi..That was during my school days. I can still play that on my keys though...
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    Sep 2011
    My first song was Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. Simple tune, just A, D and E major chords four strums per beat. Ahh.. those were the days.
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    Jan 2012
    Delhi, India
    It's Ek Hasina Thi (I always wanted to play it). Learnt the tabs on IGT only
    Ek haseena thi-Karz
    Don't lose grip on the dreams of the past... One must fight just to keep them alive


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