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    now first, i completely have the same opinion more or less as you are trying to communicate..
    but what do you mean by this?

    Quote Originally Posted by jamhead
    also indians need to get together... behind their own brands... to help build them.... think about it.
    i'm thinking about it.
    so you're going to help private businesses do better by advertising/publicising for them? to make money that goes to only them(mostly).
    its quite upto them also how they compete/survive/learn and take inspiration from other works in the same field.
    encouraging them who have already understood this sets a better example for others to follow. like telling us a brand that has a mark? and then sitting at the back and watching the show.
    sure enlightening ppl to be more "indian" has a better way than this.
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    er...when i say we need to get behind our own brands.... i mean... we should buy from them and not go for some foreign brand just cos its foreign.

    then the brand will grow and advertise/promote itself better next time.
    so more indians will buy.
    so yet better promotion.
    and so on in a upward cycle.

    all brands have grown like this.

    we need to go for amul chocolates and amul ice cream - then they willl have the money to make fancy ads like kit kat and walls does and be able to promote itself as cool and hep.

    so next time go for a state bank card or icici.
    go for an indian hotel and not the hayatt
    go for indian fabrics and labels and not "phoren"

    and yes when we dont have a good enough indian company making the same product (eg. electronics), go for a sony or a kenwood...... or no..... go for videocon and onida...... only then will they themselves one day become another kenwood and another thomson. buy maruti and indica not santro and icon.
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    @jamhead....i completely agree w/ you..i dont understand why indians in india are trying to be people they arent (in this case americans)

    ...that was sorta generalized tho..not aiming that comment at anything in specific or anyone..

    @my wonderful IGTians in the does it matter is if its hollister of AF they look the same and make everyone that wears them look liek clones...although i like hollister much better!! i <3 california

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    ^^^is it because hollister is cheap?...hahahahahahahaha
    Life Sux and U Die!!!

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    i cant wait to have an image signature..........

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