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    Dec 2005
    New Delhi,India
    I liked that......

    Quote Originally Posted by d_ist_urb_ed
    Threads merged.
    Its better not to have an honor that u do deserve than to have one that you dont.

    If you are not living on edge then you are consuming too much space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d_ist_urb_ed
    Threads merged.

    is nt he so cute
    Am a women who wiLl nOt bow to Bring whatever falls from her EyEs...

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    New Delhi
    Midnight's children-Salman Rushdie
    ...................................जय हिन्द........................................ ....

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    Dec 2005
    sheikh zayed road ...
    gordon ramsay ..... cooking heaven
    >--N!GGa Wa$ A W!NdOW ShOppEr -->
    ^^, GeT RiCh Or D!E TrYiN ,$^^

    >~~>dun hunt wen u cnt kill >~~>

    >~~>StOp d EaRtH....i WaNnA Get DoWn>~~>

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    Jan 2006
    fahrenheit 9/11 by micheal moore....really moving.......but the guy pwns bush big time

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    Oct 2004
    the hollow man by john ****son carr.
    bohemian rhapsody

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    Aug 2006
    I'm gonna start reading Shantaram today.

    Books I've read in the past 2-3 weeks are:

    The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. ****ing Awesome.

    Water by Bapsi Sidhwa. Great read.

    Mango Season by Amulya (something). I wouldn't read this book again.

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

    History of India 2 (not completed it yet)

    Wise & Otherwise by Sudha Murthy. Short stories about life. It goes on and on about how she and the infosys foundation have done so many good things (and not like they haven't but I don't want to read about it) I gave up halfway.

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    Jun 2004
    to kill a mockingbird - harper lee

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    shezi123 is offline Beginner
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    Aug 2006
    7 habbits of the highly effective teens by -sumthin-Covey
    Digital Fortress- Dan brown...(just started)

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    Jun 2004
    The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford
    Since the creation of the Internet, the Earth's rotation has been fueled, primarily, by the collective spinning of English teachers in their graves. (QDB #754533)

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    Dec 2005
    new delhi...india
    Quote Originally Posted by shezi123
    7 habbits of the highly effective teens by -sumthin-Covey
    i really liked that book....sean is better than his dad...
    started with "the alchemist" today....
    sometimes, majority means that all the fools are on one side....

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    Sep 2005
    doest it really matter????
    Quote Originally Posted by Garima
    books & me are miles away from each other.....but evn then i hv one frnd who wants me to read some gud stuff..& gift me books evry now n then since my birthday i hv been given 3 books to read.....none of them completed yet
    rite now m trying to complete.....Monk Who Sold His Farrari,,,it seems interesting...(m sure it is...otherwise it wouldnt hv been gifted to me )
    *Sigh* The Monk who sold his Ferrari is still pending(as my Dad has taken that one)...but in the mean while i managed to complete...One night@Call Center(Good) and 'The Alchemist'(Beautiful) which i finished yesterday....
    Now i have start another one of Paulo Coelho thats 'By the river Piedra I sat down and wept' .....

    my approach toward books is changing day by day.....hmmmm

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    Oct 2005
    Hai-der-abad (sucks as hell)
    Last one I read was Gabriel Garcia's One Hundred Years Of Solitude

    Pure masterpiece.

    Currently searching for House of Leaves -- Mark Z. Danielewski
    "It is significant that whenever the public mind is to be diverted from great social wrong, a crusade is inaugurated against indecency." - Emma Goldman

    Not accepting any gifts.
    Thank you.

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    Apr 2005
    currently reading, charlotte Bronte's Jany Eyre....

    hmmm, the book is okay..not so great...just the weird life of a weird gal..blah, not my taste....reading it just cuz i have to read it
    *pin drops*


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    May 2005

    Thumbs up a business management book

    I am currently reading "Only the Paranoid Survive" by Andrew Grove, President and CEO of Intel Corp.

    It is a business mangement related book. The author talks about the massive changes/crisis that can occur in your life or in your business. The changes can be so massive that it can change your business entirely. Nice book with some real life examples of such changes occuring especially in the IT business.

    This is not a book for people looking after entertainment.
    The language is specifically good for engineers. Non-engineers may find some technical terms confusing....

    But still an awesome book to understand crisis occurring in business.


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