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    "The only thing interfering with my learning........ is my education" - Albert Einstein

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    dont give up education, give up formal education. give up the education that demands that you stop thinking and do what the system says you should.

    dont do stuff that'll be your back up plan in case you're headin for music and fear that youll bomb. you're wasting your time. go practice playing. dont go for engineering or medical or do a halfass mba just cuz ur parents want you to, or cuz its respectable in the society or cuz ull get a decent job, cuz it'll look good in your matrimonial. do it only if u'r passionate about it. a school or college is just a place of learning, that's it. its not meant to define who u are. unfortunately the system's gone awry and this is what it does. kill the individual and produce a pulp of common opinions: YOU. with no mind of your own. you can learn outside school too. the fact you're considered a failure shows how farcical people are.

    most of the posts so far are by people who've accepted their fate. or dont dare to do what's against the society. not that im a superhero. but i dont take the beaten path. and many others here on igt do so too. however, the majority is fatalistic. they do whats 'supposed' to be right.

    why do it? just so that u secure your life? manage a decent income? that's what everyone does. we all worry about money. but then, why kill your self for dough?
    you let your life be defined by the current status or demand of the economy. you become a victim of economics. you become just another brick in the wall.

    what do most people do? study, get a degree, get a job, get married, have children, build a decent house, get old, die. everybody does that. you wanna do that?

    and why diffrentiate between music and education? isnt music a thing to learn? is it a joke to be a musician? whats wrong if u dedicate your life to music? your parents cringe when u talk about taking up guitaring as a career. they're scared. they think you'll bomb and end up penniless. they fear for you more than encourage you to take up something unconventional. they make you a victim of the society, the circus of the world. heard of parents who said 'oh son, you wanna take up mountaineering? sure!' 'u wanna be a skateboarder? go ahead!'
    never. their fear or old fashioned, orthodox views ruin your life.

    just let go. be a bum, a the guitar. risk it. dont make it just a hobby. if ur good, take it up man. you might not make it big, but you wont die of starvation either. you might not make pots of money, but hell. youll be doing what you love doing. you'll be you. youll be at peace with yourself. the biggest achievement in life. that's true success.

    now cmon....lemme hear you play.

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    Jun 2005
    That's my kinda advice. Give up evrything you don't wanna do and do what you want all the time.

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    299 i will still say what i always say........he he....try and put some of that in me when we meet next....
    seriously....everybody is right i guess....i GOT to have education.....theres no choice there....whatever i do in studies....( i said whatever)..i think is necessary...!!

    (and by the and KAISER are from JAIPUR too.....!!!!!!!!!)


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