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Thread: U gotta Dog??

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    Nov 2005
    An apartment in a dark, dingy, dirty alley at the back of Lahore
    Dont forget to sterlise them with Gamma radiation and steam-boiling when u buy one.....lolz

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    Jun 2004
    As a child i had a country dog....and i grew alongside him...
    Later we had a Pomeranian for few years...

    Now..ever since we shifted to a flat... dad gave up the dog idea :(
    In anycase...whenever i move to my aunt's house...she has this German Shepherd...which i like a lot and play around with! (Check the snap....)

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    xcttn Ld t Сntmnt

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    Nov 2005
    shifted from paradise city to Axe Land:D
    i had two dogs,one was a stray whom my mom picked up on the streets of Shimla.
    she was ssoooooooo strong and had a lovely tail.she died two yrs back.she was 14 and ahalf yrs old.the other who is still wid me is a pomeranian and spitz mixed.she'es 2 yrs smaller then me.we grew up together.i'm expecting a german sheperd sometime next month.gonna name it COOKIE.(cause the other one is COCO)
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