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    Aug 2004
    hey how did ya folks type in hindi..

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    Apr 2005
    New Delhi
    ^^u get the hindi waala keyboard...
    ...................................जय हिन्द........................................ ....

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    Sep 2005
    my chair
    THINK u need to geT the front n also type it like pyaar it will show pyaar writing in hindi....

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    Aug 2005
    part time


    now c'mon i cannot tell it here ...

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    Oct 2005
    Hai-der-abad (sucks as hell)
    @vini...try sending sm stuff to various publications and all.....i sent soe to JAm and got selected...

    thats how i started
    "It is significant that whenever the public mind is to be diverted from great social wrong, a crusade is inaugurated against indecency." - Emma Goldman

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    Thank you.

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    Jun 2005
    @ sharukh and abhi..... thanks u guys... but i wish i could carry on wid it cause i just did it for a month in my vacations and it was one GOOD experience and yea i WILL surely do it again in my vacations!
    .: is it just |\/|E ... or is it the \/\/0rLD? :.

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    Jun 2005
    @ sharukh... thanks for the reps man! really appreciate it!

    oh i forgot to mention why i left doing the work so let me tell now that the timings were 8:00 till 5:00 in the eve.... so i can't do it now cause of skool and all...
    .: is it just |\/|E ... or is it the \/\/0rLD? :.


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