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    51 metal bands can be soooo frikking lame........those were some of the funniest outfits I've seen.......personally I kinda hate death/black metal......they are not musical at all.....and the lyrics can be really senseless
    So, so you think you can tell......

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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by rocking_devil
    `everything sucks big time!one thing is common... all detah, black, doom metalists xept for demonic ressurection wear some crappy leather outfit and and paint their faces!this doesnt appy to kiss! ................. DIMMU BORGIR LOOKS AWSOME!
    since when did black and death metal fuse? Come on dont mix up stuff just because you think its mixed up.

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    lol....part one was too which one was ur no.1 frm part one nd 2...??


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