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    Sep 2004

    Is it too late ?

    Hmm guys I'm just wondering is it too late that I've picked up the interest in Guitar?

    I actually got interest in music at the age 16 but only started playing the guitar at the age 17 but only started proper classes and wanted to know all about the guitar at the age 18 ...

    Now I'm 19 ... its been 1 year since i play the guitar and i totally suck at it .. i only know the basic chords which are mostly found in the first three frets. But i always got the determination to play better and even took up classical guitar course which I'm attending regularly ..

    Here in singapore , its very hard to find Indians who are interested in guitars and music .. More of them are into dance groups ...

    So do you'll think I started learning too late and its hard to be someone in music ?

    Do drop in ya comments ....
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    Mar 2005
    MeNtaL AsyLuM
    Ya...I think u should start at the age of 5...he he..jst jokin dude..
    Take the lessons seriously...and u will learn.
    Let me tell u one thing..Music comes from inside u..The classes r there just to develop those skills..u know wut I mean..
    Rock on..U will be a pro one day.
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    Jan 2005
    New Delhi
    LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO isnt late at all....learning is a neverending process.......for all of us (learning guitar) its bn the same it wont be any special or difficult for u......but yes we all r at different stages rite far is guitaring is concerned u need to be patient n passionate........practice is the only mantra.....n buddy there isnt any shortcut.......n now that u hv started it, just continue with it........n as u said u dont know much of the chords then get ur self a chord chart n practice........ppl here can only guide n rest u hv to do it just practice practice n practice

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    Oct 2004
    ya ... its 2:26 AM.. really late. . .. :p

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    Nov 2004
    u r only 19, have like a 10 year plan. u should be an asweomse guitarist by the time u r 29.. with 10 years expereience.. that would be awesome wont it? also u should listen to good music.. and listen a lot.. and become a good musician by ear that helps a lot too with your playing.

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    Jul 2004
    There are two things that you shouldn't worry about being late in doing: losing your virginity and playing guitar. What really matters is how much of it you do once you start.
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    Apr 2005
    Ha !! Ha !!
    Well said

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    Seelan's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    @ananth .. lol .....

    well thanks all of ya'll for the support ... i've been regularly trying to whack on the next step of chords but really struggling on the sound .. i'm not sure if i'm doing correctly but hopefully the hardwork would be paid off one day :D

    thanks all :D
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    dharmatma is offline Banned
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    Nov 2004
    alan holdsworth started playin guitar at arnd ur age or was he older?
    hmmmmm..when i read ur thread title..i thought u might be around 68...
    then i read that u are only

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    DrSaurabh's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    ITs never too 21 ..ok will be in another 3 dayds...but...that doesnt stop me...i intedn to join guitar clases next year..because i cant this year.........its too hectic....i really really need to leaarn some theory..............
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    Jun 2004
    I am yet to buy a GUITAR!
    But it would be soon done... HopeSo

    So you can count on me... its never LATE!

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    Apr 2005
    it aint late 17 and still am working on many aspects of playing guitar.

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    silent_dragon's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Middle Earth
    Dude guitar has no time limit, its just got six strings, so ur never late in any manner esplly when ur 19yrs old, so just start rocking the world!!!!!
    May my every being, bring only happiness to you. May my tears bring fountains of joy in ur heart. I know u r staring at me but sorry i'm just a step away from death. Tears r rolling from my eyes but ahhh, i see the fountains of joy in ur heart, and i thank you for that!!!


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    Dec 2004
    Yeah.. same here. I picked it up properly (like properly) just 3 months ago...

    Wow.. Im late...
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    Feb 2005
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    trust me, unless you pick up a guitar by the time you are 9, you havent a chance of making it big... which is why i never will learn how to play the guitar.... i turned 10 recently...
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