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    Dec 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodeus
    ^^^^^ Thats a good idea... come up with the KISS idea before KISS...!!!
    i wud make Led zeppellin or Beatles .....n steal the Best all time songs ,b4 anyone would make it

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    Dec 2004
    Even if u have a time machine u cannot go back to any random time...
    U can only go back to the time where the time gateway has a possibility of opening...i.e. the creation of the first time machine is the oldest event u can go back to.

    But since it has not yet been created .... u cannot go back to macedonia 3200 BC and all.....

    There is this guy from Princestone who's trying to build a time machine.... and this one might actually be a realistic one....The above statement is by him....
    He plans to use large number of lasers to accelerate the particles in a particular region to create a micro black hole kinda situation....where the particles won't actually fall into it but hover near it's event horizon and yet achieve near light speed or beyond....theoretically atleast....
    I saw that machine some time back and i was pretty impressed ....let's see if this one becomes another chimera's egg or will it work indeed.... chances r it will work...good luck to him...
    #ifndef __NONSENSE__
    #define __NONSENSE__

    #include <religiousviolence.h>
    #include <dirtypolitics.h>
    #include <popularculture.h>

    BOOL lesson_learnt = FALSE;

    void History()
    if(Checkstabiity(fanaticism) && CheckCorruption(BoomingEconomy) && CheckPublicDesire(SocialProblems))
    lesson_learnt = TRUE;

    History(); //repeat History


    Link error ...commonsense32.lib missing...
    ld returned status 1..

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    Nov 2004
    islamabad, pakistan
    i wud go to the future
    to show myself whom im marrying to
    just kidin
    i prefer to go 5 years to the future from now
    Q-Whats the word that iz alwayz spelt wrong
    A-Wrong :p:

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    Feb 2005
    -Other side of the Horizon- you wouldnt wanna be there..
    Quote Originally Posted by bob-bobby
    or probably married to someone with atleast 4 / 5 kids after 5 yrs of marraige

    Thus drifting afar to the dim-vaulted caves
    Where life and its ventures are laid,
    The dreamers who gaze while we battle the waves
    May see us in sunshine or shade;
    Yet true to our course, though the shadows grow dark,
    We'll trim our broad sail as before,
    And stand by the rudder that governs the bark,
    Nor ask how we look from the shore!

    Oliver Wendell Holmes



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    Dec 2004
    i ve got Idea of making time machine that can stop the time

    > just take out the Bettery of ur Clock....the time will stop .....

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    Dec 2004
    acorn guts
    and another thing that makes time travel impossible is the conservation of mass/energy .. we exist at this time so we owe some mass to universe .. and is a fact that total mass of the universe remains constant ..some believe that total mass is zero due to matter anti-matter thingy ..but thats a whole new story lets not go there if we travle back in time .. then we will actually destroy the equilibrium of this universe ... since no mass can be produced out of nothing there fore the mass deficit becuase of us will disrupt all the laws of physics and God knows what will happen ...
    secondly look into parallel universe paradox thing as well ... for example if i go back in time to kill ma dad or mom ... will i be able to do that? .. think about it ... becuase if i can, than i shouldnt be there killing them cuz then i was never born in the past ... but if i cant .. then why? ..
    i cant explain this thing ...but it is a paradox ...look into it on google ..if interested .. in a nut shell . ... dont think that time travel is possible ..
    even hawkings has backtracked on his ideas of Blackholes ... hmmmm ...sad isnt it ..

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    Feb 2005
    id stay in the present... after watching the movie ' The Butterfly Effect' i dont ever want to change my past or future because it makes things worse than wat they really are

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    Feb 2005
    simply love ma lifee....I prefer to stay in the present......

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    Dec 2004
    i will go 2/3 yrs back
    n make This website IGT......

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    Dec 2004
    Karachi, Pakistani
    I would like to go back to my past. On 24th June 2002. 6:09 AM..... Ahhhhhhhh
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    Dec 2004
    Wow.. that's specific...

    @ Shahrukh - good idea man...
    This thought did occyr to me once, but then, I jus didnt think...
    If the Hair ain't Long, then something is Wrong

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    Dec 2004
    @shahrukh, dead on the the grandfather paradox.Check out the movie 12 monkeys..its also kinda about time travel..very cool

    As for me,Id go back in time and take do Eve before Adam lays a hand on her ..that'll be a first
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