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    thing uv got caught for but never done...

    this thread is inspired by the worst thing youve never got caught for thread...

    are there any times when uv been caught for something uv never done... wen it comes up u r like wonderin wtf is goin on....
    Life is like a negros left ball...neither fair not right

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    May 2005
    i was giving this chemistry paper... i was quite nicely prepared for the paper.... wen writing the paper someone threw this chit beside my desk.... the next thing i knew was the teacher was checkin me if i had more chits on me... i was like wtf i havent cheated... i tried to defend myself but was kicked out of the examination hall....
    Life is like a negros left ball...neither fair not right

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    Jun 2005
    In school they charged me for breaking 2 tubelights of the school during class. They made me miss classes and pay fine and I got yelled at for breaking the 2 tubelights.

    But the truth is, I only broke 1 of them.

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    Nice one!
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    Never done but not caught!!!!!!!! some mother fukn b1tch teacher ..... once accuse me that i stole her choclets .... Hell why wud i do tht ...... she pulled me into it.... she said who ever says they have stolen will get more choclets ... So me greedy [beep] .... Said i stole and got smashed.......
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    धर्मक्षेत्रे कुरुक्षेत्रे समवेता युयुत्सवः ।
    मामकाः पाण्डवाश्चैव किमकुर्वत संजय ॥१-१॥

    میں اردو نہیں بولتا
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    Mar 2005
    nah never happened....but hav framed other innocent ppl mny times.......

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    May 2005
    last year
    students in our class broke a chair while fighting
    but we were united
    princey asked who did it??
    every body was saying "i did it"
    i also said the same
    but dunno wat happened princy said ok u did it so now u compensate
    so i was suspended for 7 days
    the compensation money was taken frm the whole class!!!

    so that was it!!

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    Feb 2005
    South Delhi
    once my sister told my mom that i did not take bath...but i did..i got scolded and had to take bath again!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i cant wait to have an image signature..........

    "if you see that two parallel lines are means you have reached infinity" - dlogic



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