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    Quote Originally Posted by ak&guitar
    hey guys ...........this thread is know more about ya' no slam book but not that different too..........u decide.....
    so tell me.......

    how often do u ?
    -take a bath
    - lie
    - watch a movie
    - ***** about life or praise life
    -thank god / complain to god
    -get angry
    -hangout with friend
    - laugh ur guts out-
    - talk to urself
    - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so on and stuff like that............u can add more to it//
    go ahead
    @bath...only on weekdays...weekends ko chhutti make some1 beleive me
    @lie...atleast once evryday
    @movie...its been months..i dont even recall the last flick i saw
    @***** bout life...huh..everyday without a brk
    Complain God...huh....evry 10 min without a brk
    @angry...if anythng is not my way
    @frnds...evry day
    @laugh ur guts out- on sardar jokes
    @talk to urself...whenevr alone..

    @u can add more to it.... enuf of mehnat...thats it !!!
    Keep Guessing....... ;o)

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    how often do I?
    -take a bath - daily
    -swear - umm 2 times a week may be
    - lie - daily
    - watch a movie - once in 2 days
    - ***** about life or praise life - daily
    -thank god - daily
    -get angry - daily
    -hangout with friend - weekly
    - laugh ur guts out- Ummm hehehehe
    - talk to urself - once a year may be
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    take a bath- twice a day
    swear- varies every day depends on the situation
    lie- seldomly
    watch a movie- once in 2 months
    ***** bout life or praise life- *****ing bout once a week.....praising every minute
    thank god- every 5 minutes\
    get angry- every 3 to 4 days
    hangout with friends- weekends only
    laugh- every day
    talk to urself--twice a day
    dream bout being a rock star-every night
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