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    lord_neo Guest

    Lightbulb Teenager hired and fired by Google in a day!

    Well we know that there are numerous teenage webmasters out there are amazing webmasters with a good profile. Well a 15 year old kid decided to use his profound knowledge to pull a prank on the multi billion dollar company, Google. He took advantage of all the free News Press Releasing companies there are and decided to trick Google as well as millions of other internet users into thinking that he was hired by Google.

    The 15 year old child is Tom Vandetta was a Google fan who even claimed to go around town for Halloween dressed as Google’s CEO. The press release was done through a free press release company, I-Newswire (Currently has a PR7, but will definitely go up with all this attention!) and was picked up by Google News. The Press Release was submitted by someone named, Sonya Johnson, which was of course a fake name made up by the child.

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    google should be scared... its smart ass guys like these who later go on to form their own companies.
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