Harrison - Barnes this offseason, it seems to be depressed in the end! According to US media "thescore" reports, a users search for Barnes's name in Google, the search results buy nba 2k16 mt among Olympic area, but it is out of Kerry - Owen photos.
Barnes offseason this year on behalf of the United States men's basketball team a buy nba 2k16 mt Brazil Olympic Games, and now he is the Olympic gold medalist.

But, but, but, a netizen search buy nba 2k16 mt Barnes's name, they found in the Google search results in the area of ​​the Olympic Games which, Owen is out of the picture. The search for the names of other members of the US team, the players are out of the picture himself.

Why does this happen? Obviously because Barnes buy nba 2k16 mt no performance during the Olympic Games in eight games he played a total of only 31 minutes, a total of 17 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists. This means that during the Olympics, Barnes highlights buy nba 2k17 mt and the degree of concern too few.

Barnes this offseason is definitely a highlight from the beginning, he got a four-year $ 94 million big contract from the Mavericks, then the representative of the United States Olympic men's basketball team buy nba 2k17 mt and won the gold medal.

However, Barnes this offseason, I am afraid to be depressed in the end.

In addition to the embarrassment of the search engine, the latest buy nba 2k17 mt Barnes also was the Knicks point guard Brandon - Jennings sarcasm, that he causes too little chance to play in the United States men's basketball team. "Harrison -? Barnes are you going to the bench to sit through it," Jennings pushing Closeup "He has the whole game wearing warm clothes."

One fan could not stand for the defense of Barnes on Twitter, saying Barnes though not much playing time in the United States men's basketball team, but people, after all, a member of the national team, which in itself is recognition of Barnes capacity . For fans of counterattack, Jennings expressed Barnes can buy nba 2k17 mt national team, it is simply to make up the numbers. "That's because LeBron - James, Russell - Westbrook and James - Harden they did not go," Jennings wrote.